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For most of us out there we tend to head to the liquor store and grab a bottle of wine based on two things, price and label. I hope to lend a bit of help when making a selection for you and whoever may be gracing you with their presence on any particular evening. With being behind the bar for so long I have been fortunate enough to accrued many different notches in my belt, my favorite being a level one sommelier. What the hell does that mean or how is it even pronounced? Som-me-lier is someone who basically has passed a series of tests given by agencies who know their stuff when talking about wine. I had the pleasure of completing my studies for the Court of Master Sommeliers in Philadelphia PA. I would like to be able to have a different wine featured every week, hopefully the knowledge will stick somewhere deep in your brain. Then one night when out with your date walking through a store going to grab a bottle of wine for your movie night, or perhaps out at a nice restaurant with some smoke show, looking over the wine list, you can have somewhat of an idea what your looking at.

This Week

Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon


This week I was able to finally try Educated Guess. So impressed by the combination of full body and lasting flavor I thought that the public should know more about this gem in Napa Valley. Over the Christmas season we (at the restaurant) had a number of large corporate parties and I couldn’t help notice a few of these bottles going out. Coming in at a very reasonable price in liquor stores at $17-$21 you can find it almost anywhere. The cabernet blend includes 10% Merlot and little dollops of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.  The wine really shows a black/ruby color, black cherry fruit, spice box, Christmas fruitcake, low tannins, low acidity and a lush, medium to almost full‐bodied mouthfeel.




For red wine drinkers who want to really have a great full – hearty red wine with their meal with out breaking the bank you can’t beat Educated Guess Cabernet. At most fine dinning restaurants it should only run $50-$60 as well. Its been described as SEXY and LUSH, but to me those are just words to help sell and this wine is perfect without anyone having to try an sell it. Hope you enjoy.





Last week


      This week we will look at the ever delicious Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio 2014. This is absolutely one of my go to wines for the spring season. Instantly you will get green apple, peach, and some citrus notes as you fill your glass. Do you or your partner love to snack on a cheese plate with crackers, or perhaps some succulent oysters on the half shell? Then you have to give try this light Pinot Grigio a try. Especially when the price ranges anywhere from $17.00 – $22.00. Maybe you have some friends over for grilling outside instead of picking up the Coronas’ and limes grab a bottle or two of Santa Margherita, it pairs excellently with grilled or roasted chicken. The grape is grown in North Italy, I’m talking way up thereeeee, by Austria and Switzerland. It’s possible you haven’t really given white wines a chance or maybe you have only really tried the Yellow Tail type brands, but here is alternative that is crisp yet dry and packed with flavor.



Last week



My first selection is.. Bodega Sottano, Cabernet Sauvignon Classico 2013…Lets break it down for lemans terms; this is a relatively cheap bottle of Cab but far from traditional. It should be relatively easy to spot in a liquor stores that have an adequate selection and should cost anywhere from $13.99-$22.00. Once you pop this bad boy open you instantly are going to let it get some air and off the bat you’ll get hints of tobacco with blackberries & dark cherry. Why is this Cab so special ? It’s from Argentina!.. Typically when you hear or think of Cabernet you think the Bordeaux region of France or Napa Valley in the US. Argentina is pretty new to the Cabernet wine making family and this vineyard is no exception (located towards the northern part of Argentina). For those who enjoy a nice medium-rare to medium prepared steak this untraditional, dark, ruby red Cabernet will knock the socks off you and your date.

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