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Fantasy Baseball > Fantasy Football


      The discussion I hear way to often about fantasy sports is 90% always related to fantasy football. Do people really prefer checkers to chess or go fish to rummy 500? Fantasy football is fun don’t get me wrong, but it’s also something that groups of fifty – sixty year old single mom’s get together to play. If you honestly think you are good at fantasy football you need to step into the world of fantasy baseball. Continue reading

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Duke VS UNC, Do You Care?


       Hailed as the greatest rivalry in sports; Duke vs UNC is meeting for the 241st time tonight. In all honesty I really could care less about the game, but I respect the hell out of the history and will most likely watch. Why ? Because people will be talking about it and as a bartender I need to be able to know what happen. I have to cater to the frontrunners who will be flocking the bar during happy hour. Continue reading

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