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Duke VS UNC, Do You Care?


       Hailed as the greatest rivalry in sports; Duke vs UNC is meeting for the 241st time tonight. In all honesty I really could care less about the game, but I respect the hell out of the history and will most likely watch. Why ? Because people will be talking about it and as a bartender I need to be able to know what happen. I have to cater to the frontrunners who will be flocking the bar during happy hour. Continue reading

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Carlos Correa our new Alex Rodriguez?


Flash back to 1995 if you will. We had finally gotten baseball back, the infamous strike was over, and there were new rules in baseball with the wildcard being born. Every kid playing little league wanted to wear their hats backwards because The Kid Ken Griffey Jr. had placed the Seattle Mariners on the map. I can personally remember being ecstatic because I had gotten lucky and opened a pack of Topps baseball cards and BOOM there was Griffey’s rookie card. You remember the one, blue mariners hat with the bright yellow S on the front. Continue reading

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