The Answer & The Hall of Fame


        It has been six years since The Answer has retired from basketball but in all honesty it seems as if it was just yesterday when he was stepping over Tryonn Lue. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame said Allen Iverson has made it to the finale selection process and it’s possible he will be allowed into their exclusive club. However there has been talk that A.I. damaged the integrity of the game while he participated in his 14 year career. Continue reading

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I miss Tiger, but why?


Can you name these three? If you can’t then we have a problem. This trio right here, right smack in your face…they have been dominating the golf scene for quite some time now. Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler are just three of the faces that should help us get past our urning for a Tiger Woods return. Continue reading

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Evil Genius, The Takeover


It’s not too often a small town local brewery can come in and completely take over the scene, but that is exactly what Evil Genius has done to the East Coast landscape. Luke Bowen and Trevor Hayward were sitting in class at Villanova when they said forget this, lets make beer. They hooked up with the Thomas Hooker Brewing Company and Evil Genius was born. Their styles range anywhere from a pineapple hefeweizen to a vanilla infused Belgian-style Dubbel ale. Yeah these guys are legit.  Continue reading

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Carlos Correa our new Alex Rodriguez?


Flash back to 1995 if you will. We had finally gotten baseball back, the infamous strike was over, and there were new rules in baseball with the wildcard being born. Every kid playing little league wanted to wear their hats backwards because The Kid Ken Griffey Jr. had placed the Seattle Mariners on the map. I can personally remember being ecstatic because I had gotten lucky and opened a pack of Topps baseball cards and BOOM there was Griffey’s rookie card. You remember the one, blue mariners hat with the bright yellow S on the front. Continue reading

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