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I LOVED the Bulls, GS not so much.


       Growing up in the 90’s the Chicago Bulls were what came to your mind when someone talked NBA. It did’t matter if you were a die hard Laker or Celtics fan; the Bulls were THE TEAM. They had personality, they had role players, and the had the greatest player ever to step on the court. Now a days when you turn on the TV everyone is all over Golden State’s jock strap but, to be honest, they actually annoy me.  Continue reading

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The Answer & The Hall of Fame


        It has been six years since The Answer has retired from basketball but in all honesty it seems as if it was just yesterday when he was stepping over Tryonn Lue. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame said Allen Iverson has made it to the finale selection process and it’s possible he will be allowed into their exclusive club. However there has been talk that A.I. damaged the integrity of the game while he participated in his 14 year career. Continue reading

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