About Me

          For the twenty-five years and counting sports have run through my veins as common as circulating red blood cells. I come from your average American household; the dad that has his kids play every sport possible, and the mom who always cheers embarrassingly loud any chance she can get. Like most young men I dreamed about running across the middle, catching a fifteen yard slant pattern, and turning it into a sixty yard touchdown. Or cracking a high & inside fastball down the right field line, scoring the runner from first, sliding into third and winning the game. However as I now struggle to grasp the idea that the big 3-0 is around the corner, I find myself not playing in the bigs or standing at center ice but looking up from behind my bar, still following every single sport that comes across my twitter feed or Sports Center highlight.

          After a stint in division-three football and a political science degree collecting dust bar-tending has become my profession. I have been lucky enough to tend bar at some of the biggest and best places the East Coast has to offer. Whether it’s the bright lights of some of the largest metropolitan cities or the dim lite watering holes along the Atlantic Ocean, the guests that come in always have one thing on their mind; sports. In no way am I, in any shape or form, an expert in any one sport. However I could argue the fact that Brent Snedeker is one of the most prolific putters in Golf right now, or that at age forty-four Jaromir Jagr is the closest living human to superman we may ever see. You see, sports and bar-tending go hand in hand. Knowing sports from all over is just as important as knowing what different kinds of bourbon/scotch/whiskey you have available for your guests.

           My hope is to create a place where the average Joe Schmoe can stop by once or twice a week and read something he may not know about any sport at any given time. To give the readers a perspective on sports that has yet to be heard. Perhaps give you something to talk about with your in-laws when you have extended family down for the week or maybe you get some help for your daily fantasy lineups. Hopefully talk about some new breweries that are up and coming while mixing in some advice on great liquors or inexpensive wines you and your significant other may want to try. Loosen your tie and expand your casual sports knowledge.


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