Maker’s 46 Old Fashioned


I‘m an old fashioned guy. I love the cocktail and if I’m out with my better half this is my favorite cocktail to sip on. If you enjoy the this classic southern drink than you need to start having it made with Maker’s Mark 46. 


So if you are like me and not really into the whole martini scene and you absolutely despise those who get frozen cocktails, maybe the old fashioned has been calling your name. Personally I have a strong love for my brown liquors; whisky, scotch, bourbon, rye, and brandy. Up until recently have I found that Maker’s Mark 46 is the absolute ideal choice for the perfect old fashioned. Why? Old fashioned’s consist of four things; bourbon, bitters, sugar, and a solid lemon peel. Maker’s 46 takes French oak barrel staves (staves are pieces of the bourbon barrel, the wooden pieces of the barrel) and drops them in a barrel of Maker’s Mark when the bourbon is finished sitting after six years. These heavily flavored staves sit in the barrel for an additional three to six months, leaving the batch heavy with vanilla and caramel, without bringing too much of a heavy bitter taste. This makes that batch of Maker’s Mark have a lot more sugar content then a regular batch thus creating Maker’s Mark 46. So in hindsight if I enjoy a cocktail that consists of sugar, being one of four ingredients, than logistically a sweeter bourbon would help create a better cocktail.

  • In one classic style small whisky glass or old fashioned glass (rocks glass works too)
  • Add ice and one sugar cube (or packet of sugar to be honest)
  • Two – Three dashes of bitters (Angostura is the classic style, but new flavors such as homemade coffee bitters or chocolate bitters are a fun new twist)
  • Two ounces of Maker’s Mark 46
  • Take a half dollar size of lemon peel, squeeze and drop into glass
  • Stir for 35-45 seconds and serve (you can top it off with a cherry, but thats not needed for my taste)

So there it is, my take on an old fashioned with a bourbon that needs some more recognition. Give it a try next time you are out, your sever or bartender will appreciate it.

sazerac cocktail on dark wooden background

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One thought on “Maker’s 46 Old Fashioned

  1. Petro Writes says:

    Glad to see a fan of whiskeys, personally four roses manhattan is my drink of choice.

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