The Manning Legacy


       Every night I hear it at least a few times How about this Peyton Manning Story? I used to think the memory of Manning would always be one that was a squeaky clean, all american QB. Now its looking more and more like he has as many skeletons in his closet as any of us. 

It really is a mixture, the chatter between guests when it comes to Manning’s alleged sexual assault case. The 16 year old in me wants to laugh and say ….Wait, he put his cock and balls on a lady trainers face? Thats hysterical. Then reality kicks in and I think how I would react if someone dared to do that to my sister. The truth of the matter is, if Peyton actually did this twenty years ago and daddy dear covered it up for him with some hush money, that squeaky clean image goes out the window. Degrading women is completely wrong and anyone who feels the need to sexually assault a woman is slime. In reality if I ,or any of us for that matter, did this to a female trainer we would most likely get ex-spelled and or kicked off the team at the least. You can’t just do whatever you want because you are the star quarterback, this isn’t Varsity Blues.

“He pulled his pants down and exposed himself to me, as I was bent over examining his foot after asking me several questions.” Despite the above referenced complaints, Jamie Naughright said, “no effective remedial action has been taken by coaches, or other supervisor personnel. Instead complaints of sexual harassment are treated as jokes and efforts are made to protect the student athletes, and cover-up the complaint.” Those were the exact words described by Naughright in the complaint to the Tennessee Human Rights Commission and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This brings me to my next point, in todays society we are harder than ever on our student athletes and universities (look at SMU, USC, & Penn State). If a university is not upholding the proper moral conduct which should be associated with these prestigious schools then it is penalized. If the University of Tennessee treated sexual harassment complaints as jokes and sought to protect the athletes instead of the victims we have a much larger issue at hand.

Peyton is just part of this story, in fact Naughtright had given UT thirty-three examples of sexual harassment. Finally the university and Naughright settled for a $300,000.00 suit and both parties bond to never discuss the issue with #18 again. We need more details and to hear both sides about what exactly happen twenty years ago. For now it doesn’t look great for Manning’s image, and that’s exactly what I’ll say to guests for the next few weeks.

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