I LOVED the Bulls, GS not so much.


       Growing up in the 90’s the Chicago Bulls were what came to your mind when someone talked NBA. It did’t matter if you were a die hard Laker or Celtics fan; the Bulls were THE TEAM. They had personality, they had role players, and the had the greatest player ever to step on the court. Now a days when you turn on the TV everyone is all over Golden State’s jock strap but, to be honest, they actually annoy me.       Steph Curry hasn’t grown on me nor does he make me want to watch the game like MJ did. Draymond Green can have as many triple doubles as he wants he’ll never be a modern day Scottie Pippen. Maybe it was the perfect storm of Phil Jackson, Dennis Rodman, Ron Harper, Tony Kukoc (plus MJ & Scottie) but the Bulls seemed to be the nations team. The fact that Mr. Clutch Steve Kerr is the Warriors coach is an interesting aspect, but still doesn’t increase their likability for me. The game was just different twenty years ago, the hand checks alone made it much more physical. It would be great if we could in some crazy mad scientist laboratory; take the 15 players on the Warriors and teleport them to 1997 and have them play Michael and his Bulls. I honestly do not see how it could be close nor do I think they would last against a few other teams.


Could you imagine The Glove d’ing up Steph, he days of sitting out the 4th quarter would never happen. John Starks and the Knicks, Stockton/Malone and the Jazz, Payton/Kemp and the Sonics, Hardaway/Mashburn/Mourning and the Heat…I don’t know if the 2016 Warriors could beat any of these very physical teams. Karl Malone would absolutely eat Andrew Bogut alive!!

So is it because I feel as if Golden State hasn’t had a tough trip on the road to glory? Have they not had to endue the physical abuse the Bulls did on their way to six titles? It has too be. To me the league isn’t how it used to be and the Warriors are the best at playing in this new style NBA. But forgive me if I love the taking it to the hole mentality. Guys used to really think twice about driving down the lane, now the flopping is almost as bad as soccer. Golden State does what works for them; standing back and draining threes which is great and all, but I miss the contact. The Warriors may be turning into the team of the 2010’s, but for Christ’s sake stop ramming them down our throats main stream media.


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