I miss Tiger, but why?


Can you name these three? If you can’t then we have a problem. This trio right here, right smack in your face…they have been dominating the golf scene for quite some time now. Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler are just three of the faces that should help us get past our urning for a Tiger Woods return. Jordan and Rory have each captured PGA Tour wins in the last year and Rickie seems to be in the hunt to win every contest he plays in. These dudes are driving the ball 300 yards and making the big putts.

The days of turning on Sunday golf watching, hoping, looking forward to a Tiger vs Phil showdown are over. We won’t get to relive the magic of a young Tiger defying all odds to become one of , if not the best all – time golfer. The man is the sole reason why majority of us even picked up a club. To think that a golfer became the face of the Nike Brand is ridiculous. However there is hope, the future of golf seems to more entertaining than ever before. Jordan Spieth is 22 years old, Rickie Fowler is 27, and Rory McIlroy is 26 the fact that these dudes are not only winning PGA Tournaments but dominating the field is unfathomable. These aren’t the only guys worth watching in the PGA for this upcoming season, one of my personal favorites is Dustin Johnson. johnson2

No it’s not just because his wife and baby mama is an absolute smoke show and daughter of the Great One (Wayne Gretzky) but the guy can bomb it further then almost anyone on tour. I hope he grabs a PGA win this year. You want youth, you got it…Danny Lee (age 25), Jason Day (age 28), and Patty Reed (age 25) are all in contention to capture a tour win. And if youth isn’t your cup of tea of course we still have guys who at any given week can win it all like Bubba Watson, Brandt Snedeker (the best putter on the planet), and of course Lefty. For so long I found myself holding out hope that Tiger would be back to his normal self meanwhile ignoring the guys who were right here, my own age, demolishing the competition. It’s time we embrace these guys for what they are doing, not only are they winning but they are doing it in style while having fun. If you have yet to pick up a set of clubs now is the time. Go to any sporting goods store, buy one of those complete sets $50.00-$80.00 and start hitting some balls at the driving range. Here’s a hint we’re all bad at golf that’s why we aren’t in the pros. If it wasn’t for Tiger who knows an entire generation may have never picked up a club….That includes the fellas mentioned above. We may never see Tiger again on the PGA Tour, but at least can root for a new generation to dominate and fist pump come Sunday because they grew up watching him just as we did.

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