Great Barbershop in Philly?

            I‘ve been in the City of Brotherly Love for about a year now and one thing no one tells you once you move to this neck of the woods is where to get a great hair cut. Like most guys I went to Supercuts for the majority of my stay here, and at times…it was brutal. One day while walking home from work I stumbled upon Blokes Barbershop and from now on I’ll have no other human messing with my head. Seriously, these guys are good. Oh and you are greeted with cold beer as you walk up to the receptionist. o

            The guys and gals at Blokes are legit they offer strait razor shape ups and automatic text message reminders that are sent when your next appointment is coming up. Duke Dunne is the barber/manager and co-owner of Blokes Barbershop & Gentleman’s Emporium with his wife Jill Ervais. They have a small staff which includes; Lauren (My personal favorite), Dana, Garret, Jill, and Linda. Whether you want your hipster beard trimmed up, a hot lathered and strait razor shave, or just a streamline haircut Blokes is suited for all of it. So fellas stop going to these corny “just out of hairdressing school” places, and step it up to the real deal.

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