Evil Genius, The Takeover


It’s not too often a small town local brewery can come in and completely take over the scene, but that is exactly what Evil Genius has done to the East Coast landscape. Luke Bowen and Trevor Hayward were sitting in class at Villanova when they said forget this, lets make beer. They hooked up with the Thomas Hooker Brewing Company and Evil Genius was born. Their styles range anywhere from a pineapple hefeweizen to a vanilla infused Belgian-style Dubbel ale. Yeah these guys are legit. 

I first began working with Luke and Trevor in the early spring of last year as my director of operations and I set out to complete the draft beer list for our seasonal beer garden. We met with the guys from Evil Genius and were immediately blown away. They just got it, this group completely understood what it takes to sell great beer to the 21 year old – 40 year old demographic. Not only were their beers off the grid with how they were concocted but the names of their brews were complied from some of our favorite child hood movies.

This One Time At Band Camp – Double IPA

Santa I Know Him! – Festive Christmas Saison

Ma, The Meatloaf!! – Mango Belgium Wit

I Love Lamp – Pineapple Hefeweizen (My personal Favorite)

Turtle Power – Grapefruit Pale Ale

These are just a few of the power house brews Luke and Trevor are producing at Evil Genius, I was lucky enough to snag I Love Lamp, and it sure didn’t disappoint (we broke records with the amount of kegs we went through last summer). This brewery isn’t even four years old and its name and beers are becoming some most recognizable draft and bottle beers at summer cookouts, tailgates, beer gardens, and local bars in the Tri-State area. I was happy to work with these guys because they are all around good dudes, who sell delicious beer. So with the snow coming down I crack open a Purple Monkey Dishwasher (Simpson’s reference, look it up)  and enjoy the best chocolate – peanut butter porter ever made. Cheers to 2016 and hoping it is the biggest and best year yet for Evil Genius.


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