Carlos Correa our new Alex Rodriguez?


Flash back to 1995 if you will. We had finally gotten baseball back, the infamous strike was over, and there were new rules in baseball with the wildcard being born. Every kid playing little league wanted to wear their hats backwards because The Kid Ken Griffey Jr. had placed the Seattle Mariners on the map. I can personally remember being ecstatic because I had gotten lucky and opened a pack of Topps baseball cards and BOOM there was Griffey’s rookie card. You remember the one, blue mariners hat with the bright yellow S on the front. What most people forget about that year is secretly the next MLB star, who was going to eventually revolutionize the game, was making his rookie debut, collecting a measly 33 hits in 142 at bats.

By the time 1996 came around Alex Rodriguez was planted in the Mariners starting line up beginning the season batting ninth. Standing at 6 foot 2 inches and weighing just shy of 200 pounds Alex would go on to finish the season second in AL MVP voting behind Juan Gonzalez. In Alex’s first full season he played in 146 games, collecting 215 hits while smashing 36 homers and knocking in 123 RBI. Guys I’m going to be honest those kind of stats for someone in their first full season is UNREAL.

Now this brings us to Carlos Correa who stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs in at 210 pounds. With the exception of Tulo, out in Toronto, big short stops are a dying breed but Correa is an exception. In Correa’s first season in the bigs he played in a modest 99 games almost exactly 50 games less then Arod’s first full MLB season. In those 99 games Correa had 108 hits, smashed 22 homers, and knocked in 68 rbi. Correa (had he played a full season) was on pace to come dramatically close to Rodriguez. Had Correa played a full 162 game schedule he was on pace to have 191 hits, 36 homers, and 104 RBI.

This is a lot of “what could of happen” or “what may have been” but the point of this article is to simply show those of you who are going to participate in any type of fantasy baseball draft in the upcoming months that Correa is a guy you want to target early. I mean anywhere from the 4th pick on. The dude has the build of Alex Rodriguez and the bat speed to match. When Trout, Harper, and Goldy go 1-2-3 in your draft with your buddies, don’t be the guy to panic and take a pitcher (no matter how good people say Kershaw is). We are all in awe over Mike Trout and Bryce Harper, the way we were with Ken Griffey, which is awesome they deserve every ounce of spotlight. Let’s take a minuet to realize Carlos Correa is the closest thing we have seen to Arod, and personally we may not see someone like him at the short stop position for another twenty years.

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